18ft Two-Lane Slide

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$529 :

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  • Actu­al Size: 48? x 20? x 24?
  • Set­up Area: 52′ x 22? x 25?
  • Out­lets: 2
  • Age Group: 5 & up

Dou­ble Lane water slide is 48ft long and 24ft tall. It fea­tures a beach theme with it’s palms and big waves to make a hit at your par­ty or event. Are you ready to get your adren­a­line pumped up as you go scream­ing down this dou­ble lane slide?

Dou­ble lane slides are fun for those who are in a lit­tle com­pet­i­tive mood.  Chal­lenge your friends and fam­i­ly to jump into the slides side by side, who gets to the pool first wins.

This water slide is sure to be a crowd pleas­er this sum­mer for any par­ty in Mia­mi FL.


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