36ft Street Race Obstacle Course (71)



Quick Overview
  • Actual Size: 35ft x 12ft x 15ft
  • Setup Area: 38ft x 15ft x 16ft
  • Outlets: 1
  • Age Group: 5 & up

36ft Street Race Obstacle Course (71)

Challenge family and friends to a street race parkour theme obstacle course. This amazing urban theme and adrenaline-pumping 36ft Parkour Street Race Obstacle Course is the ultimate challenge for thrill-seekers and parkour enthusiasts! This exhilarating obstacle course is designed to push your limits and test your agility, speed, and endurance like never before.

This inflatable includes many obstacles such as construction zone, taxi cabs and a massive climbing wall that you finish off with a slide over the giant graffiti truck. Each lane of obstacle course contains a set of climbing walls, a few tunnels, and obstacle patches to navigate through

Featuring a combination of ramps, hurdles, balance beams, and wall climbs, the Parkour Street Race Obstacle Course provides a diverse range of challenges to conquer. Each obstacle has been meticulously crafted to simulate real-life urban environments, allowing you to train and improve your parkour skills in a safe and controlled setting.


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