Bounce houses, water slides and inflatables in general are very fun, that’s for sure.

But safety is something we take pride while providing you with our services.

There are a few basic safety rules to be aware of at all times so that the kids have a good time, and most importantly, SAFE.



    1. Most BOUNCE HOUSES are designed for kids ages 2 to 14.
    2. No more than 8-12 kids at a time in a standard size bounce house.
    3. Do not mix different ages and sizes of kids together unless it’s a responsible teenager or adult.
    4. Do not allow anyone with sharp objects, food, silly string, shoes, colors, confetti inside inflatables.
    5. Always have an adult present while the bounce house is in use. Kids might get hurt if left unattended.
    6. Do a quick walk-around to ensure that the unit is staked or secured to the ground at all 4 corners
    7. Check that the blower is not obstructed and the blower tube is not bent.
    8. Bounce houses or inflatables should not be installed close to structures that may potentially damage the inflatable.
    9. Do not allow flips or horseplay, sliding head first or any other that may cause an injury.


You’ve most likely seen this happen before and the first thing most parents do is to panic, PLEASE DON’T.

Believe it or not, they happen very rare. But just in case it does happen at an event that you are attending, we’d like give you a few tips.

What to do when it happens:

  1. Do NOT panic, the kids will be 100% safe as there is zero chance of suffocation.
  2. It is up to the adults to safely evacuate the kids out of the unit without panicking as this might scare them.
  3. Keep in mind that there is usually only one entrance and exit at the front of inflatable.
  4. Some units have “escape hatches” on the roof held down by Velcro or zipper.
  5. The roof and columns are not heavy, simply get kids safely one at a time.

What to do after:

  1. Once the kids are safely evacuated, check the cords to be sure they’re plugged in.
  2. If cords are plugged in, next step is to check the circuit breakers in your circuit breaker panel, reset whichever tripped.
  3. On GFI circuits, the reset is on the outlet, exactly where the blower was connected to.
  4. Next check that the blower air inlet is not obstructed with debris, grass or any other object.
  5. Check all air tubes are secured and snuggly attached to the blower nozzle. If it is not, immediately call the party rentals company for instructions.
  6. For the air tubes not connected to a blower, be sure that the tube is cinched off with a strap or tucked in.