The 7‑in‑1 Bounce House Com­bo is our most pop­u­lar boun­cy house. It includes 7 fun fea­tures from a very ample jump­ing zone, inside and out­side bas­ket­ball hoops, hor­i­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal obsta­cles, climb and out­side slide! All these fea­tures in just one bounce house unit that also allows you to turn this unit into dif­fer­ent­ly themed bounce hous­es by adding the inter­change­able theme ban­ners.

The 7in1 Combo has everything:
  1. Jump­ing Area
  2. Climb­ing Lad­der
  3. 7 ft Slide with Ramp
  4. Inside Bas­ket­ball Hoop
  5. Out­side Bas­ket­ball Hoop
  6. Horizontal?Obstacles
  7. Ver­ti­cal Obsta­cles
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Customize it with theme banners:

You can cus­tomize this 7in1 bounce house by adding any of our par­ty theme ban­ners. Click here to see all of them. If you’re reserv­ing online, you’ll find them under “Ban­ners” cat­e­go­ry, sim­ply add them to your cart once you are in the reser­va­tion page.


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