The 7-in-1 Bounce House Combo is our most popular bouncy house. It includes 7 fun features from a very ample jumping zone, inside and outside basketball hoops, horizontal and vertical obstacles, climb and outside slide! All these features in just one bounce house unit that also allows you to turn this unit into differently themed bounce houses by adding the interchangeable theme banners.

The 7in1 Combo has everything:
  1. Jumping Area
  2. Climbing Ladder
  3. 7 ft Slide with Ramp
  4. Inside Basketball Hoop
  5. Outside Basketball Hoop
  6. Horizontal?Obstacles
  7. Vertical Obstacles
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Customize it with theme banners:

You can customize this 7in1 bounce house by adding any of our party theme banners. Click here to see all of them. If you?re reserving online, you?ll find them under ?Banners? category, simply add them to your cart once you are in the reservation page.


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