Foam Machine Rental



Quick Overview


    • Foam Machine
    • 2 hrs of foam solution (more can be purchased separately)
    • 50 gallon tank
    • 50ft water hose

Foam Machine Rental

  • Creates volumes of foam in an elevated position.
  • Covers a 20ft x 20 sq ft area and 4ft high.
  • Comes with 2 hours of solution (Consistent run time).
  • This is our Medium Foam Machine and is great for any pool parties, birtday party or small events.
  • YOU CAN BUY ADDITIONAL FOAM GEL for more foam running time.

How do foam machines work?

You may be thinking that foam is soap and water so you’re going to get cold and wet.  Well, not with our foam machine.

The solution in our foam machine is 90% air, made with non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients, and is environmentally friendly, allergy-free, and environmentally friendly.

More about Foam Machine Rentals

If you need a foam machine rental in Miami, here’s the right place to rent one. Rent it together with an inflatable, water slide, obstacle course or even our Joust arena which makes this even more fun.

Many people like to combine the foam with say a water slide rental or bounce house rental.

Since the foam is non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients, it means it’s totally safe to use with bounce houses, slides and any other inflatable.


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