What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Deposit is not refundable but it may be applied to a future rental. If you need to reschedule your reservation we will work with you to choose another date.

What happens if it rains?

In the event of rain you may call us to cancel or reschedule your event prior to setup. Deposits are not refundable but they will be added as a credit for future orders. However, once we setup the bounce house or other inflatable up at your event, all rental charges will apply.

How do I make a reservation?

Call our office at (786) 413-7764 or browse our website sections, look for the main product you would like to reserve and click on “reserve now” button. Reservations with Mom’s Party Rental require a $50 deposit in advance, sometimes more for large orders.

How long can I keep the Bounce house or other rentals?

Standard length of rentals is up to 8 hours, you may add extra hours at an additional cost or even pay overnight fee which means we will pickup next day morning. We will be as flexible as possible when working with you and your schedule.


What should I do if it rains?

If rain or heavy winds arrive during your event, you should get children to exit the inflatable and unplug the blower as quickly and safely as possible. Before resuming use of the bounce house or inflatable, plug the blower back in and wipe down any wet surfaces to avoid slipping.

Can I use a Bounce house at a park?

Absolutely. You will need to reserve the area and get a permit if necessary and fill out all necessary paperwork. Mom’s Party Rental is licensed and insured for all Miami-Dade Parks. Please be sure to ask when reserving park space if generator is required. If a generator is necessary, we can provide one at an additional cost.

Time it takes to set up an inflatable & take it down?

It takes approximately 20 minutes for small bounce houses, 30 minutes for large bounce houses and 45 minutes for water slides. Take down time is closely the same amount of time or less.

Do I need to provide anything or do anything special?

The blower motor will need to be located within 50 feet of a standard electrical outlet. Please make sure the area is cleared of any debris, rocks, sharp objects, or animal feces to help keep the setup process quick and efficient. All we really need is a relatively flat, open area that does not have any overhead obstructions.

Where can I have the Bounce houses setup?

The bounce house or any other inflatable can be setup on grass, concrete or asphalt surfaces. The surface must be practically flat, relatively firm and it must be clear animal feces/excrement and stones, or other sharp objects. We will anchor the unit either by driving stakes into the ground or by using sandbags where stakes cannot be used.

Which methods of payments do you accept?

Payment is due in full during delivery of the rental equipment. Payment methods we accept are Cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover, Amex Credit Cards and Debit Cards. We also accept CashApp and Zelle. We do not accept checks.

What kind of supervision is necessary?

It is the customer’s responsibility to provide competent adult supervision for the safety of the users is required. During our safety review after the unit is set up, we make it clear that a supervisor must be present when anyone is in the unit to ensure its safe operation. We gladly offer supervision for your party at an additional fee.

How far in advance can I reserve my Bounce House or any other rental?

The earlier you can make your reservation the better your chance at having the equipment or inflatable available for the date of your party or event. However, we will always work with you even if it’s a last-minute request.

Are there any cleaning fees?

We expect to receive our inflatables back in a fairly clean condition. We understand that children go in and out of it all day, and usually some grass and dirt gets inside the inflatable. We DO NOT charge for cleaning this.

However, any excessive food, drinks, water, paint, or any other can result in a $50 – $100. If there’s silly strings, markers, paint, these could result in a $100 – $500 clean-up fee. The inflatable will be inspected before it’s picked up at your location.

Can an inflatable be set up inside?

Yes, we do set-up our units indoors, assuming that the space is large enough to accommodate the unit. Spaces that are typically large enough are gyms, stages, shopping malls, and convention halls.

How much space do I need?

The space required varies depending on the inflatable dimensions. Bounce houses, Combos and Water Slides must be away from fences, pools, play sets, overhead utility lines, low hanging tree branches and any other permanent standing structures. If your space is small and you are not sure if it’ll fit, please take a photo and send us your address and our agent will do their best to help you.

Does Mom’s Party Rental have a business license and Insurance?

Yes, we are licensed, registered in the state of Florida and insured for general liability coverage. We are only responsible for our own negligence; not yours. This statement in no way implies legal responsibility. You will be required to sign a rental agreement and “Release and Assumption of Risk” form that lists specific terms and conditions of the rental.

Do I get my money back if I do not use the equipment?

Unfortunately, you will not. Once our equipment leaves the warehouse we are not able to rent the items to other customers. Therefore once the items are in your possession, you must pay for them.