We have multiple selections of Happy Easter bounce houses for every budget. If you are planning an Easter party or event, here’s what you’ve been looking for.

Themed bounce houses with easter banner or our fully unique Easter basket bounce house full of bunnies and eggs that will have children entertained and happily active for many hours.

Plan your Easter party or event with us. Make sure your Easter celebration has everything to entertain children and create a fun experience for them before and after egg hunting games.

We offer Easter decorations as well. Easter theme balloon archs, easter Baskets, Easter bunnies decorations, and many other Happy easter day decorations for tables.

Besides Easter games, the most entertaining idea is having an easter-themed bounce house or any other inflatable game such as obstacles, interactive games and slides. All these will make for one very exciting Easter party this season. Plan ahead because inventory is very limited. Think of a budget that works for you and the amount of guests you’ll be having at your party or event.

Easter Themed Bounce Houses

Easter Bunny Bounce House (B10)
Happy Easter 7in1 Bounce House
Happy Easter Bounce House

Other inflatables and games to celebrate Easter

100ft Mega Run Obstacle Course (63+64+65)
19ft Inflatable Movie Screen
36ft Mega Run Obstacle Course (#64)
High Voltage Joust Arena
Radical Run Double-Lane Slide (#65)