• Payment / Due Amount:
    Option #1: The balance must be paid cash, this is the easiest method. Zelle is also accepted.
    Option #2: If paying with card, the credit card and it’s owner must physically be present during delivery to sign credit card authorization form (NO EXCEPTIONS).

    Important: (Unfortunately, If payment is not ready, our delivery crew must leave to continue delivering other events and avoid being late.) 

  • Delivery Times:
    Residential Deliveries: We will arrive 1-4 hours before the time on your order’s START time.
    Parks & Commercial: We will arrive 30 mins before the time on your order’s START time.

  • Pickup Times:
    Residential Deliveries: We will arrive 30 minutes after your order’s pickup time. However, during busy days we may arrive 1-3 hours later.
    Parks & Commercial We will arrive exactly at the time on your order’s pickup time.

  • Contract & Safety Regulations:
    An adult must sign safety rules, contract. You may also view your contract and sign it online using the following link below.
    Click here to Read and Sign your Contract.

  • Clearance to get to the setup area:
    Please ensure there is a 4ft wide path from the street all the way to the set-up area. Move any vehicles or anything in the way before we get there to speed up the process. Our staff has other deliveries to make on time.

  • Clearance to get to the setup area #2:
    Our staff cannot lift inflatables over your wall, fence, ladder or through your house. Some of our inflatables weigh from 300 up to 1000 lbs.

  • Clear the Setup Area:
    Please clear the set up area of animal excrement or there will be a $100 cleaning fee, also remove big rocks or sharp objects. We don’t set up on rocks, sand or any surface that may damage our inflatables.

  • Reschedules & Refunds: 
    You may reschedule free of charge up to 3 days prior to event. Deposits are not refundable but may be used towards any future orders.

  • Severe weather, winds and thunderstorm:
    We will take the decision whether to setup or not if we believe children and adults could be at risk.

  • Inflatables must be staked or tied down:
    If you have synthetic turf or concrete for your set up area, we will need to tie the jump to something very sturdy, not moving objects. Let the driver know where the sprinkler lines are located to avoid damaging one.

  • Electricity for Inflatables:
    Customer is responsible to provide electricity within 50 ft of inflatable setup area. We cannot use multiple extensions cords as this may cause overheating and may burn the plugs. If event is at a Miami-Dade park, you must use your generator or rent one from us.

Do you still have more questions? 

If you have any questions or special requests, contact us by email or phone. Also, don’t forget to read our most frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q)