Jobs at Mom’s Party Rental


We work in an very family-oriented place, collaborative environment that values integrity and hard work. Our team always look for individuals with a get-it-done attitude and a side of good customer service spirit. Our customer-first mentality allows each team member to make an immediate impact on the business no matter their role.

Positions at Moms Party Rental:


Job Description: Drivers are in charge of loading and unloading equipment rental for parties and events. Drive our trucks, deliver and pickup equipment rentals along with an assistant or by themselves.

Driver's Assistant

Job Description: Assistant is the driver?s main helper. They must work together to deliver and pickup equipment at parties and events. Also to clean equipment and help wherever help is needed during work hours.


Job Description: Take calls to take reservations, process payments and assist customers with any questions that may arrise before and after their reservations.


Job Description: Job is to attend parties or events where help is needed. Attendants job is to supervise children at parties, assist with crowd control during events and service concession machines when requested.

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