The mechan­i­cal Melt­down, also know as the Wipe­out or the Elim­i­na­tor game is a fun inter­ac­tive ride where up to 4 par­tic­i­pants see who can stay on top of their zone the longest before the Melt­down arm takes them down. The Melt­down arm goes around in a cir­cle and goes up and down to take down the rid­ers. As you duck under and jump over the foam arms you this game will defi­ant­ly keep you on your toes.

“This game will chal­lenge your sta­mi­na, agili­ty and reac­tion time”

The mechan­i­cal Melt­down is sim­i­lar to the mechan­i­cal bull rental with it’s pow­er require­ments.  This unit requires two sep­a­rate 15 amp cir­cuits, once cir­cuit for the blow­er and one cir­cuit for the con­troller.


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