Mechanical Meltdown



Quick Overview


  • $1450 for 3 hours
  • Each additional hour is $200


Mechanical Meltdown

The mechanical Meltdown, also know as the Wipeout or the Eliminator game is a fun interactive ride where up to 4 participants see who can stay on top of their zone the longest before the Meltdown arm takes them down. The Meltdown arm goes around in a circle and goes up and down to take down the riders. As you duck under and jump over the foam arms you this game will defiantly keep you on your toes.

“This game will challenge your stamina, agility and reaction time”

The mechanical Meltdown is similar to the mechanical bull rental with it’s power requirements.  This unit requires two separate 15 amp circuits, once circuit for the blower and one circuit for the controller.


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