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Making a Reservation

Whether you call or go online, you may make reser­va­tions any time  in advance.  Online reser­va­tions are avail­able 365 days a year. Inven­to­ry is live and will show you exact­ly what is avail­able and what’s not. If you need to call to make your reser­va­tion, our office opens at 9am and clos­es at 6 pm. You must be 18 or old­er to make a reser­va­tion.


Deposit is required at the time you make your reser­va­tion.

Balance due

If any bal­ance is due, you must pay before deliv­ery is fin­ished. It can be paid cash to the deliv­ery dri­ver or online pri­or to us mak­ing deliv­ery.

Confirming your Reservation

You will receive an auto­mat­ed con­fir­ma­tion e‑mail with­in 5 min­utes after mak­ing your reser­va­tion. Should you have any fur­ther ques­tions regard­ing the details of your reser­va­tion, please call us (786) 413‑7764 or use the con­tact form on our con­tact us page.

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