Single Lane Water Slides

These water slide rentals are standard slides, they vary from 13ft up to 25ft tall. Normally anything taller than 18ft is great for adults as well. Some slides have inflated splash pools or uninflated large pools that require much more water.

Dunk Tank Rental
19ft Raptor Waterslide (S37)
20ft Mermaid Waterslide (S38)
20ft Parrot Jungle waterslide (S42)
20ft Twister Waterslide (S40)
20ft South Beach Waterslide (S39)
23ft Purple Lightning Waterslide (S45)
17ft Super Splash Waterslide (S31)
22ft Tropical Paradise Waterslide (S43)
20ft Rocket Waterslide (S41)
16ft Red Island Waterslide (S32)
18ft Purple Crush Waterslide (S34)
22ft Big Plunge Water Slide (S44)
25ft Ocean Monster Water Slide (S48)
19ft Toxic Water Slide (S35)
19ft Volcano Water Slide (S36)
15ft Splash Water Slide (S30)
18ft Tropical Waterslide
24ft Wild Waves Water Slide (S46)
13ft Kids Lagoon Waterslide