Water Slides Rentals

Mom’s Party Rental offers a wide variety water slides for parties and events in Miami-Dade and some locations of Broward. Choose from our very unique and exclusive selection of water slides inventory suitable for kids and adults.

Our water slide rentals are the most popular attractions for birthday parties, school events, festivals and any other event in Miami, FL. All water slides you’ll see below will definitely bring fun moments and unforgettable times with your friends and family.

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Categories for Water Slide Rentals:

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Water Slide Combos

This category has some exciting water slide combos. They consist of 2 or 3 pieces attached to extend the water slides and make them longer. Grab a floating tube and go down the slide for a thrilling experience.

24ft Wild Waves Combo (S46+S51)
23ft Tiki Falls Waterslide Combo (S49)
27ft Ice Cream Waterslide Combo (S55+S56)

Single-Lane Water Slides

These water slide rentals vary from 13ft up to 27ft tall and consist of 1 slide with pool. Anything taller than 18ft is great for adults as well. There’s a Water Slide to match every theme and preference, let the fun begin!

12ft Kiddies Waterslide (S57)
15ft Mermaid 3D Waterslide (S53)
15ft Splash Water Slide (S30)
16ft Red Island Waterslide (S32)
17ft Super Splash Waterslide (S31)
18ft Purple Crush Waterslide (S34)
19ft Ice Cream Waterslide (S52)
19ft Toxic Water Slide (S35)
19ft Volcano Water Slide (S36)
20ft Mermaid Waterslide (S38)
20ft South Beach Waterslide (S39)
20ft Twister Waterslide (S40)
20ft Rocket Waterslide (S41)
20ft Parrot Jungle waterslide (S42)
22ft Big Plunge Water Slide (S44)
22ft Tropical Paradise Waterslide (S43)
23ft Purple Lightning Waterslide (S45)
24ft Wild Waves Water Slide (S46)
25ft Ocean Monster Water Slide (S48)
Dunk Tank Rental

Double-Lane Water Slides

Our double-lane water slide rentals are great for parties with lots of guests, it helps to keep the lines moving by having two at a time or simply to keep the competitive spirit and race down the slide. These slides normally have a very large pool for both slides or two separate pools for each slide.

Slip n Slides

Our Slip n Slide rentals section is affordable and is sure to be a great hit at your event. Are you ready to get your adrenaline pumped up as you go running down these slip n slides?

Screamer Slip n Slide (S50)
Wild Waves Slip n Slide (S51)
Ice Cream Slip n Slide (S56)
Jurassic Rush Slip n Slide

Bounce Houses with Water Slides

This category includes our Bounce House Combos with water slides. These slides are not as tall as most water slides above, but they are still great for younger kids who prefer to have best of both worlds, a bounce house and water slide.

Rockstar Bounce House & Water Slide (C16)
Ice Pops Bounce House & Water Slide (C12)
Foam Machine Rental
Hawaiian Bounce House & Waterslide (C22)
Rocket Bounce House & Water Slide (C21)
Mermaid Bounce House & Water Slide (C15)
Monster Truck Bounce House Combo (C28)
Dinosaur Bounce House Combo (C26)

Online ordering made simple

You can order any water slide, slide for pool, water slide combo online at any time. From the convenience of your home. Get total price, pay only $50 deposit and pay the rest later.

  1. Our online booking system checks availability based on the date and time of your event.
  2. It will not allow bookings of inventory that’s already been reserved.
  3. Pictures of our inventory are 100% accurate, which means you will receive the water slide you book online.
  4. No hidden fees or last minute surprises.

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